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Essence | Girls United Summit 2022

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My Role: Creative Director, Designer

Collaborators: Senior Project Manager, Senior Event Producer, 3D Designer, Graphic Designer, Fabrication Vendor

The Essence GU Summit (also known as the Girls United Summit) was a meeting of the minds for some of the greatest content creators and entrepreneurs in their varied industries. From TikTok superstars to CEOs to breakout actresses, this event was filled with star power. 

My team was charged with creating a summit that was fun, bright and inspirational. Style guides and design assets consisted of bright colors, brush strokes and vector explosions so our design challenge was to utilize the assets in a way that was fun yet elevated. 

Lastly, the whole summit was concepted, planned and implemented in 7 weeks. Pat on the back for my team and all of the fabrication partners.

The event took place at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Museum and consisted of an outdoor pavillion, back court yard and main art gallery.

The Venue

Mockups and Signage

Load in and Installation

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