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I am a creative director with over 15 years hands on design direction and brand development experience. I am a skilled generalist in digital, out-of-home, on-air and print design that has worked in the health care and entertainment industries. I have worked both in fast paced agencies as well as for larger, industry leading corporations.

Key Areas of expertise: Brand development, talent development, design strategy, creative direction, UX|UI design, print prepress and design, data interpretation, 2D and 3D motion design, wireframing and prototyping, workflow optimization, photography, video post production, front end coding (HTML/XML), drone pilot

Brands/clients that I have created campaigns for: Hulu, Disney, Netflix, BET, Essence, My Black is Beautiful, Hulu's "UnPrisoned", FX, Essence Girls United, Richelieu Dennis, Bob Johnson, Albert II (Prince of Monaco), CBS Sports, TNT, CNN, TBS, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, TCM

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My Story

My 15 years design journey began as a motion graphics designer for one of the world leaders in entertainment. In this role I was not only able to work with some of my favorite childhood brands, I was also able to begin my leadership journey as I was trusted to lead our team towards creative improvement, budget realignment and nation wide LED out-of-home screen installation. As a member of this amazing team, I was able to grow from a motion graphics designer to a creative lead and begin my journey towards building teams of my own.


My next journey to me to the healthcare industry. Not only was I switching industries, I was also spreading my wings in a space with a wider variety of design environments. With Delta Dental Insurance, I was thrust into a fully graphic design/UX/UI design world. Instead of creating the most "Pop" we needed to create files that were the most WCAG accessible. I was able to diversify and grow my talents in this space and learn, in depth, about the highly complicated world of insurance and dental care. My growth is this space earned me the ability to lead a wider group of professionals and distill massive amounts of data into creative that best helped the end user. Throught out my advancement from a graphic designer to an associate creative director, I was able to advance the careers of several of my direct reports, improve our creative processes and build strong teams that could tackle all design challenges.


My next and current stop on this journey was with a highly talented and fast paced agency called Pop'N creative. I was not only returning to the entertainment/agency worlds but I was also working for a brand founded and lead by woman. In this role I have not only been able to use all of my design leadership skills, I have also been able to create award winning creative that has been recognized by groups like AdMonsters and The Muse Awards. Our teams have worked for heavy hitters in the industry like Rick Ross, Red Bull, FX, Hulu, Essence and Disney showing that small teams can also be mighty.

In conclusion, my unwavering dedication to my craft, coupled with my strong leadership skills, have established me as a sought-after creative director. I continue to lead and empower my teams, fostering environments of collaboration and creativity that consistently yield outstanding outcomes. I am a strong, empathetic and direct leader that wants to create environments where creatives thrive and feel dedicated.

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